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    Design Bootcamp - School of Motion

    Курс на английском языке.

    This course is designed to be PRACTICAL. Each lesson covers basic design principles in the context of real-world jobs. You’ll learn the fundamentals of design and you’ll also see how those fundamentals get used in real projects.

    You'll sit over the shoulder of a master as he creates stunning designs from scratch while giving you insights into his thought process as he works. You’ll not only learn what Hierarchy means, but you’ll see it used right before your eyes in the creation of amazing and well-thought out imagery.
    The Design Bootcamp program contains:
    • Over 30 hours of video instruction.
    • Custom client briefs and assets.
    • Exercises & Project files for every lesson.
    • Interviews with amazing designers.
    • Private class podcast covering tons of topics.
    • In-depth PDFs to support your design-learning.
    • Personalized critiques on your work from TA's.
    • A private Facebook Group for Bootcamp students ONLY.
    • Weekly episodes of The Woodshed.
    • 100’s of your fellow students’ Project Files to dig through.
    • Extra critique time and catch-up weeks.